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Motosafe: CESAR and Motorola help improve cellphone’s security


In collaboration with CESAR, Motorola introduced Motosafe, a groundbreaking feature that allows the company smartphones to be remotely locked and unlocked if they are lost, stolen, or misplaced, all without adding extra costs. This innovative program highlights how technology can seamlessly boost security. The solution is tailored for businesses and it enables immediate device lockdown upon its first network connection after being compromised, offering powerful and straightforward protection.

Development of a native and customized solution

Months of research and development were spent to achieve a result that primarily serves insurers, logistics, and retail companies, among other companies seeking to improve the security of their devices. CESAR’s project, particularly focused on solutions for embedded components in mobile phones, enables the remote management and restriction of access to devices that have deviated from their original route.

The Innovation Center team, along with partners from Motorola, developed a proprietary and native solution for Motorola smartphones that, in the event of device loss or payment issues on a financed device, securely allows the device to be remotely locked immediately after its first internet connection, thus offering customers and partners robust protection against cargo theft and fraud.

“It has been a pleasure working with CESAR over the past few years. The development team is extremely qualified and capable of handling unique problems that require innovative solutions. CESAR’s contribution was crucial for developing a reliable and secure platform.” – Rodrigo Dias, Senior Software Development Manager at Motorola.

Security and cost savings for companies

Among the benefits reserved for customers and applied to the Motosafe program, the enhanced security for distribution centers, warehouses, and contracting employees stands out, as well as the possibility of increasing the volume of cargo transported, including at night, thanks to the capability of remote locking and unlocking of devices, among others.

The solution also brings cost savings on transportation and property insurance – often necessary to ensure that the client does not bear any burden in case of cargo theft. Clients who choose to hire the Motosafe service have access, in addition to locking and unlocking smartphones, to device status, IMEI history, and user management with access to the devices, saving by hiring an efficient solution that works on brand devices worldwide.

Once the phone is locked, it can only be unlocked via a command from the contracting company itself on the Motosafe portal. It is worth noting that the project developed works only for smartphones from the global manufacturer. Aimed at corporate clients, the service can be contracted through the Motorola website for businesses.


A long time consolidated partnership between CESAR and Motorola

Being at the forefront of Brazilian development of innovative solutions, CESAR has a team of experts prepared to meet the needs of its clients quickly and efficiently, composed of software engineers specialized in the Android operating system. Motorola is one of CESAR’s oldest clients, with a partnership that began in 2001, based on collaboration and trust in the delivery of effective solutions, factors that enabled the successful development of the project.

“The project team is very united and demonstrates daily commitment to various important deliveries. With each challenge posed, they seek to develop innovative solutions, and they continuously evolve. It is a great pride to work with a team that follows a path of dedication and collaboration with notable achievements.” Thaysa dos Anjos, CESAR Project Manager.

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