Hire us to research, design, test, and iterate your new IP.

We offer services throughout the entire innovation cycle


We apply cutting-edge technologies for the development of robust and scalable digital solutions with both hardware and software components.


We drive companies forward, support investors, and accelerate startups with nearly three decades of open innovation and venture tech building.


We create training and intrapreneurship programs that develop the latest expertise for leading innovation processes within organizations.

Why Choose CESAR?

1. When you need to modernize a system

If your current solution was developed in-house by different people, or if it isn’t documented, scalable, or accessible via mobile devices, we can help renovate and reimagine and improve upon it.

2. When you have an urgent time-to-market

If you need to quickly deliver a new tool or application and your current team can’t meet the deadline by themselves, CESAR can help accelerate timelines.

3. When you require a custom-built solution

If there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution available to solve your challenges, we can help design and develop one that matches your needs perfectly.

4. When you need expert help that “speaks” agile

Looking for a collaborative team that can work well with your internal team from day one on any technology stack you have chosen? That’s CESAR.

We Build

Hardware Systems

Web Applications

Mobile Applications

Embedded Systems

Technologies we use regularly


Artificial Intelligente

Big data & analytics

Cloud Computing

Computacional vision

Embedded software

Information systems


Learning analytics

Machine learning

Mobile applications

PCB design (eletronic circuits)

Software engineering & development


Systems performance and security

Testing and quality assurance

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