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Finding extraordinary research, design, software development, and innovation talent is a perpetual problem faced by companies all over the world. CESAR is one of the premier R+D and innovation centers in Brazil – Latin America’s largest economy and most mature tech/innovation ecosystem.

During the last three decades, some of the world’s leading brands have chosen CESAR Innovation Center to help turbocharge their efforts to develop new approaches and highly reliable solutions to boost productivity, address major business challenges, and leapfrog the competition.

We have a multidisciplinary team of more than 1,100 associates – including architects, business strategists, coders, designers, developers, quality assurance pros, automation and machine learning experts, and data scientists, many with advanced degrees – who are highly educated and skilled in advanced technologies such as blockchain, A.I., IoT, and quantum computing.

At CESAR, we design software so it’s fully compliant with new and emerging regulatory requirements, including localized data privacy, security, and legal or liability concerns. We practice full transparency and apply agile methodologies to our work, which provides our customers with peace of mind because they know they’ll have the tools and access they need to understand the status of their projects at any given time.

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Innovation by design is in our DNA

CESAR was born in 1996 to address the “brain drain” from the region. Later on, these same people would help to create one of the main innovation centers of Brazil. The initiative currently impacts many other ecosystems and fosters a strong, open-innovation network.

True innovation starts with talented people who create new approaches and businesses that change other people’s lives.

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Innovation Methodology

Design is in our DNA. We see its strategic value and transformative potential. Our way of innovating is inspired by the Double Diamond process, a classic approach to design. With more than two decades of experience in solving complex problems, we have developed a practical approach that gives rise to a third diamond, completing our unique methodology.


Study, observe, and understand the context to identify a set of opportunities, pain points, and motivations.


Through idea generation, selection, prototyping, and validation techniques, the identified opportunities are leveraged to solve problems and optimize benefits.


The leveraged ideas are materialized into “artifacts” that can become new products, services, processes, or businesses for our clients and partners.

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