Summer Job | 23.Março.2017

CESAR Summer Job

Connecting companies and students in an immersive innovation program at CESAR.

Summer Job is a program designed by CESAR that aim to stimulate knowledge exchange between CESAR and Higher Education Institutions, offering practical experience to students,  identifying talents and promoting interaction among undergraduates and companies seeking for solving real market problems.  

The program focus in students of Computer Science, Engineering, Business Administration, Economics, Design or related courses that have interest in getting involved with practical development of prototypes and proof of concept of real problems in a Innovation Institute. Students, during the period of summer break (six weeks), are engaged in real projects in CESAR, in order to build knowledge while applying theoretical concepts with the guidance of the tutors.

The companies are sponsors of the program and have students working on developing prototypes and proofs of concept inside the area of its interest. Throughout the six weeks, CESAR team provides constant feedback to the students as well as knowledge transfer in several areas related to the projects in which they are working. At the end of the Summer Job, students make a presentation of the project in which they worked, with the presence of tutors and representatives of the sponsoring company.

Since 2010, CESAR has been running Summer Job editions which had participants of undergraduate programs from ITA, UFPE, Insper (SP), UPE, Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, UFPB and Unibratec. Some sponsors of the preview editions were: Sodet, Verify Brasil, Motorola, Sky, Insper, Gerdau, Epson, WTA, Xarx, Duratex and Cetip.

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